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Tulsi silver mala white Tulsi mala with silver chain

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Rama Tulsi mala with silver chain


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Tulsi beads -white rama Tulsi

Beads size 1.mm

Chain -pure silver

Mala length -26 inches

Tulsi mala benefits - Tulsi is most sacred plant in the world.

Wearing a Tulsi mala increases the concentration and the wearer gets rid of health problems. The wood in the beads is healthy for the skin as well. It is said in the Skanda Purana that it destroys the greatest sins of the wearer. Hindus use the white coloured beads and the Buddhists use black coloure

The person who wears Tulsi Mala, that person falls ill very rarely. A person wearing a Tulsi Mala is blessed with fame, and prosperity. Tulsi has medicinal properties, due to which the person wearing it does not have headache, cold, fever and skin diseases. If someone has these diseases, then wearing it gives great benefit to the patient. According to the scriptures, it is believed that a person wearing a Tulsi Mala does not suffer premature death or any harmful disease. According to the Puranas, it is also believed that if there is a Mala of Tulsi on the body while taking food, then that person gets the virtue of performing yajna many

To please lord Krishna, Rama and vishnu mantra should chant with Tulsi mala