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About us

Welcome to Govind Foundation

Govind Foundation is based on Spiritual,Social and Educational activities and herbal production.This organization is founded and led by Seema Shree Govind.It provides a new vision of religion and show people right path. Seema govind is the founder of Govind foundation and The Art of happiness .


We  deals in natural herbal ayurvedic products and cosmetics.

the herbal products offered by us also comly with the international accepted GMP norms.

all the raw material used is only sourced from certified supplier and after that every single ingredient is tested in laboratory.

govind foundation procured directly from growers and are processed and packed in our hygenihy processing plant.

we have travelled across the country and choose finest quality products..



About Seema Govind

Seema govind is the founder of Govind foundation and The Art of happiness.She is a former Principal,director of a college,she completed her Ph.D in education.Now she has left all her business and her life is dedicated to god and society.She is devotee of Lord Krishna and lives in Jaipur and Vrindavan.



Spiritual Activities

We organize Art of Happiness seminars which shows you the path to happy life with spirituality ,Religion does not mean tantras mantras its actual meaning is how we can lead a joyful and painless life.



Social Activities

We run Gaushalas,Slum areas helping programs,mahila swarojgar yojna.We also Contribute in the betterment of neddy children and organize free medical camps.




We organize Educational seminars in Universities and school all over India.Our foundation organize free education for slum area children and other needy children and also give them free stationaries.


Secretary - Shree Mahesh Gupta

Founder of govind foundation

Treasure - Smt Shashi Mishra