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Yellow woolen asan big size pure wool sheep yarn peela uni asan 32×24 inches

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Pure wool asan


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Fabric - pure wool sheep yarn 

Colour - yellow

Size -32×24 inches

WHY  WOOLEN ASAN IS SO IMPORTANT IN MANTRA  SADHNA-any woolen asana will do good for normal poojas. It is non conductor and prevents your magnetic energy from flowing in ground. Also it is smooth and helps you sit longer. According to angira sanhita Asan of woolen doesn't become impure even if touched by semen , blood or dead body , for purifying keeping it in open  air or uder the sun and moon is enough.

FOR WHICH SADHANA YELLOW ASAN IS USEFUL - maa baglamukhi Sadhana , ganesh sadhna , krishna sadhna , laxmi sadhna yellow asan is good