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Bambooless incense sticks sandal 50 sticks no chemical added pure herbal pack of 2brand seema govind

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Pure herbal sandal incense sticks


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No chemical added pure herbal without Bamboo 

Ingredients -sandal , agar , tagar , nagarmotha, gugul , jatamansi , 

Pack of 2 - total 50 sticks 

Stick size- 6 inches 


Pooja is an essential part of Hindu culture and tradition. People light dhoop in the morning and evening time as it creates good energy and a spiritual environment. Incense Dhoop is useful as it also brings a beautiful aroma. Herbal dhoop is an addition to your poojas. Herbal Dhoop is made from pure herbs and cow dung mixed with Desi Cow Ghee. It is helpful in performing a mini havan.