अगर आप को कोई पूजा सामग्री नहीं मिल रही है तो हमे इस (8949408835) नंबर पर संपर्क करे |

9 face rudraksh mala 9 mukhi rudraksha mala 108 beads

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Original jawa nine face rudraksh mala


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Rudraksha 9 mukhi 9 face 

Origin Java Indonesia 

Size 10mm

Total bead 108+1

Colour brown 

Benefits - it contains the power of nine deities, the worshippers of the supreme power shakti must wear it very beneficial for women.

Day of wearing - Monday

Way of wearing - it should be strung in red silk thread after touching maa durga feet by chanting this mantra

Om hreem vam yam ram lam namah ( ॐ ह्रीं वं यं रं लं नमः )

Note - all our spiritual products are activated and energized with mantras and pooja before sending to you.