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Vaijayanti mala bracelet vaijanti mala bracelet baijyanti mala bracelet

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Original vaijayanti seeds


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Material - vaijayanti seeds 

Form - bracelet 

Beads size -6mm

Bracelet size -free size in elastic 

Benefits of vaijayanti mala - vaijayanti seeds are very unique and found only in the forest of briaj near Mathura.

It is said that lord Krishna wear this mala and he loved it and person who wear it gets blessings from lord Krishna himself .

Vaijanti mala is used for attraction and spritual power .it removes all the doshas and bring faith, peace , strength and enlightenment.

It protects you from evil eyes ,buri nazar and all negative energies.

People do sadhna of lord Ram and Krishna from this mala and do chant krishna mantra with this mala 

Vaijanti mala becomes more powerful when energized by mantras and mala sanskar