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Yellow sapphire pukhraj square 5.5 carrot

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Natural yellow sapphire


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Stone - yellow sapphire unheated untreated 

Origin - Ceylon

Size -5.5 carrot

Shape -square 

Colour - light yellow

Yellow sapphire pukhraj benefits--gemstone of prosperity ,luck and knowledge ,good health , success and auspicious stone .

you emotionally. When luck isn’t on your side, everything goes haywire and you lose direction. Buy yellow sapphire and bring it to your life and see how the tables turn. This stone can bring good luck and mystical energies to your life. Whether you wear it as jewelry or carry it around, your life will get better with positive changes happening around you. All women who desire a happy and harmonious family life should wear yellow sapphire it provide a good balance in your married life and the wearer is blessed with children.

Removes obstacles in getting married and correcting the imbalance in relationship , it is recommended for unmarried male and female who are facing trouble in searching a suitable match . It is the best stone for students and academic life and career , for concentration students should wear this stone yellow sapphire Excel in their study. 

You should also wear yellow sapphire to remain healthy and avoid illness like liver problems , lung , jaundice , blood circulation ,dropsy , skin problems disorder of pancreas.

Which day and metal should be - on Thursday you should wear and in gold and panchpathu is best for ring and pendant