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Turquoise ring firoza silver ring lines

Turquoise ring firoza silver ring lines

Product Code : Ring

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Natural turquoise silver ring

Stone turquoise firoza 

Composition e

Size 10 carrot

Shape oval

Ring silver pure 

Turquoise stone firoza benefits - turquoise stone is a multi-purpose stone and is often used as personal protection sheild from enemies or evil eyes .if you are going on a party or a gathering alone and in need of an effective wingman bring the turquoise stone and it will send you out in the crowd with confidence . 

It has numerous significance and importance as recorded from the history it has achieved its popularity from many more people who have used this stone . Turquoise has remarkable healing properties and ensure overall physical is believed to be useful in curing many disease like asthma, depression, lung and throat infection gout and stomach problems. This stone also promote empathy , sensitivity,and positive thinking , thus stone strength the relationship so it is best to gift your loved one .

It is believed that the stone would become damp or discolored if the person wearing it was poisoned. So it is used as defending sheild from any misshappening .