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Tiger eye silver bracelet tiger eye bracelet in silver caping and chain

Product Code : Tiger eye


Natural tiger eye bracelet with pure silver chain


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Stone tiger eye

Composition -Natural 

Stone size 15 carrot each 

Total stone 6 

Chain and caping pure silver 

What are tiger eye stone benefits - tiger eye is a stone of protection , released fear and anxiety , tiger eye is a good luck bringing stone that protects the wearer from evil thoughts and ill wishes of enemy . It is known to give you courage self confidence and strength of will  ,if someone need strength and courage this stone is best for that. Tiger eye stone is carried as a protective amulet against the focus of evil and ward off curses and keep the wearer safe from ill wishes and it has wonderful healing properties.it allow you to stand on the decision that you taken in your life. There are negative energies surrounding you which need to be cleared ,in order to kick off these energies it is good to wear this stone which allow you to be harmonous in life since it attracts positive people towards you