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Sulemani hakik bracelet 10mm natural sulemani hakik bracelet

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Sulemani hakik bracelet


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Stone sulemani hakik

Composition natural

Stone size 10mm

Bracelet size free size in elastic

SULEMANI HAKIK BENEFITS - sulemani hakik is a healing stone which drow out negative energies from body , it creates joy and happiness in the heart . It provides you the intuition of the future and protect us as a sheild. It protects you from evil eyes and black magic and creat positive aura surrounding you.it eliminate depression , sadness, fear and loneliness.it has been observed that keeping this stone in the bedroom sleeps Well and the habit of waking up at night gets reduced . Wearing sulemani hakik the person is more focused and dedicated to his goal by wearing it there is a better performance in the workplace the mind feels in work and the things of useless do not come to mind , creat a balance between the heart and brain which also improve judgement ability. It maintains good relationship and maintain love in married life.

WHO CAN WEAR  SULEMANI HAKIK AND WHEN - This stone can be worn any  person man , women and child , it should wear on Saturday by washed with milk and water. 

WHICH FORM - sulemani hakik can be wear as ring , pendant , bracelet or any type jewellery.