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Spirulina powder superfood organic spirulina powder 100gm

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Organic spirulina powder


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Herb spirulina 

Form powder

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Quantity 100gm

Benefits of spirulina -

Spirulina is high in many nutrients value , rich in antioxidants and anti inflammation.various vitamin like e, c and b6 so it maintains healthy immune system. 

One tablespoon spirulina 7gm contain following values

Protein 4gm

Vitamin B1 11% of RDA

Vitamin B2 15% of RDA

Vitamin B3 4% of RDA 

Copper 21% of RDA

It also contains good ammount of magnesium, pottasium , digestive carb and amino acids.spirulina protect bad LDL from oxidation, anti cancer properties, improve symptoms of allergic rhinitis.