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Sphatik bracelet with five face rudraksh crystal bracelet with rudraksha

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Natural sphatik and original 5 face rudraksh


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Material - sphatik beads and 5 face rudraksh

Bead size -8mm

Rudraksha -5 face 24mm

Bracelet size free size in elastic

Crystal quartz benefits and how to use - clear crystal quartz is the most versatile healing crystal and it is a potent gemstone.this is called master healer stone .  Quartz is made of silicon and oxygen which are two of the most abundant elements on the planet, thus mean it can help you align with your goal .  Clear crystal quartz is a amplify energy by absorbing, storing , releasing and regulating , so it is a gtreat source of positive energy.  It is a great for bringing clarity when you are confused or need guidance. This crystal also improve the perception of the outside world improving your thinking and awareness. It align your potential with its crystal power and hence open your mind and brain to new evolutionary ideas and new scope and new monopoly. This is the stone you require if you want to cross your human limitations created by society and explore the highest level of existence by human, that's why the scientists, poet ,, philosopher , novelist like and use it . It is also believed that it increases the quality of metabolism, it is very intense soul cleaner by having this stone with you all negative thoughts and senseless perception will be eliminated.  In Hindu mythology it is believed that this stone represent goddess laxmi and attract money. And crystal idol ( ganesh, laxmi , shivling , ) are very auspicious if we keep at home  How to use - by God , goddess idol , wearing jewellery ( necklace , bracelet, pendant, ring ) keep Pyramid, tree , cluster , ball , tumbles at home and office , tumble , shankh you can keep in your pocket and bag for positive vibrations. Everyone can use this crystal no boundattion as zodiac . 

Rudraksha benefits - Rudraksha create a cocoon of your own energy . Rudraksha is the seed of a particular tree elaeocarpus ganitrus   rudraksha tree) which usually grow in the mountain mainly in himalyan region . Rudraksha beads act like a magnet due to its property of dynamic polarity it clear all the interference and blockage in our body circuit like closed blocked arteries and veins , due to its magnetic effect and make the blood flow in our body smooth , it removes any kind of waste pain and illness from the body and hence has an anti ageing effect. Rudraksha act as protective shield for the body and protect from negative energies. Rudraksha improve concentration. Rudraksha remove harmful planetary effects. Rudraksha balance the chakras and remove potential illness. Rudraksha mitigates negative karmas. It makes us fearless and give strength. 90% of the people face health issues due to their lifestyle , fast paced life we are facing various disease like hypertension , insomnia, diabetes, depression , heart and psychological problems ,due to imbalance among our mind , body and soul , our ancient text hold a magnetic remedy for these self inflicted human problem and that is rudraksha.