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Rose quartz Pyramid natural rose quartz piramid 6×6cm

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Natural rose quartz


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Stone - natural rose quartz 

Pyramid size -6×6cm

Form -solid 

Pyramid benefits - 

Rose quartz  benefits and how to use--   Rose quartz stone of love and heart , compassion and relationships. , It is popular for its healing properties. Rose quartz has a dusky light ,radish pink or rosy pink in appearance , it comes from earth and contains mineral such as iron , titanium or manganese and mental , emotional, physical , spritual healing power. Benefits - love is so important to human life and happiness , without love life is nothing so this crystal should find a place in every home , this is effective for every relationship ( husband,wife , life partner, friends, parents, siblings)  It restore trust and harmony in relationship encouraging unconditional love, happiness and understanding of relationship. Rose quartz purifies and open the heart and promote love , self love and feeling of peace  thus this stone communicate directly with your heart chakra . Rose quartz increase blood circulation in the body and it is specially powerful when worn close to the heart it ward off negativity. For skin - it is believed that rose quartz beneficial for the skin rose quartz face roller are recommended to improve skin clarity and remove wrinkles. How to use - keep tree , ball , Pyramid and cluster , rumble at home and office , wear jewellery - pendant, ring , bracelet, necklace , for good skin use rose quartz face roller, for good sleep and gentle dream keep tumble under your pillow , you can keep in your bag and pocke