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Red agate Lal hakik mala 108 beads 6mm beads

Product Code : Red agate, Lal hakik , sury mala


Reduce the effect of evil eyes


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stone agate hakik 

Composition -Natural

Colour red

Bead size 6mm

Total bead 108+1

Benefits - Red agate  Lal hakik , sury mala is used for reducing the effect of evil eyes, tantra attack, occult and negativity.it helps to preserve the positive energy.It is a unique crystal that can dissipate the negative energies from your body and spirit, Red crystal agate also helps to cleanse the bad vibrations to make you feel better. It eradicates negativity and pessimism too. IF you're worried you're under n energy attack, curse or evil eye, red eye agate can help you 

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