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Rahu pocket yantra rahu wallet yantra

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Rahu yantra for pocket


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Yantra rahu

Metal gold plated

Size 4×4cm

You can keep it in pocket wallet purse

Shree Rahu Yantra Shree Rahu Yantra is used to repel malefic effects of Graha Rahu in your birth chart. It is believed to solve problems of loss in financial problems, anxiety, health issues caused by Rahu planet. Rahu Yantra blesses the person with knowledge, deep understanding, and respect. The rahu and ketu are usually most feared planets. Planet rahu was in a wrong position in horoscope and that is why it was creating problems understanding several issues and personal related things. The yantra has benefited in a way that it created a better environment where I feel more connected with the things and people around According to Vedic Astrology if Rahu is situated unfavorably in the horoscope, it causes many types of physical illness. It also causes obstacles in accomplishment of work and makes you prone to accidents! Rahu can be appeased through devoted worship of Rahu Yantra to prevent yourself from danger from hidden enemies, wrong diagnosis of illness and deceit from those around you. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain! Mantra for Rahu Yantra Om Rahave Namaha Siddh Rahu Yantra is linked with malefic shadow planet Rahu. An unfavorable, weak Rahu can lead to unhappiness in many ways. One succumbs to addiction, overindulgence in other bad habits. One remains in a weak financial position. You can fall prey to difficult to diagnosis health issue. You tend to remain in solitude and not comfortable in meeting people, due to lacking in confidence. Having a purified and energized Siddh Rahu Yantra can be useful in many ways. You are then able to achieve the notably high financial position. In turn, you can own multiple properties. You can enjoy prosperity at all levels. You soar over obstacles and achieve notable progress in your life.