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sandal powder pure white sandalwood powder chandan powder 50gm

sandal powder pure white sandalwood powder chandan powder 50gm

Product Code : pure-sandal-powder

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Safed chandan powder

Pure sandal powder

Best quality 100% original .

Use in face pack and pooja 

Quantity 50gm


Sandalwood is a sacred purious ayurveda herb nourishing properties making it an excellent cure for Pitta and Vata skin issues such as acne, rashes, ulcers, sunburn, dryness and more. This old Indian superstar ingredient holds secrets to give you brighter, clearer, and more radiant skin.

Sandalwood powder for Anti aging

Anti-ageing. Sandalwood is rich in antioxidants that prevent skin sagging and the consequent formation of wrinkles. .and fine lines

Sandalwood Fights acne. You can even use sandalwood to prevent those wretched pimples from popping out on your skin. Removes scarring.  Soothes the skin..

Sandalwood for Anti tanning Anti-tanning The effects of a suntan can last for long if not treated quickly. Rubbing sandalwood oil or applying its paste on the affected parts can remove suntan gradually as well as reduce the redness and burning caused by overexposure to the sun's

Pure white sandal powder for pooja purpose and use it in facepack 

Quality pure