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Emerald Silver Ring Panna Ring

Emerald Silver Ring Panna Ring

Product Code : Panna ring

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Natural Emerald with Silver Ring

Stone - Panna, emerald

6.25 ratti

Ring  pure silver

Panna emerald benefits - this beautiful panna emerald stone is popular because of its healing properties and astrological effects. Emerald indicate the planet Mercury or budhh related to buddhi so known as budhh ratn .and mercury rules intellect so people wear this stone for enhance their intellectual powerf If fyou want to be a great orator with a clean and lucid style of communication then you should wear emerald panna stone and see your communication power tremendously increase. And this stone helps attract the powerful vibration from this planet and supply it in good measure for you.

The panna stone also help in increasing focus and concentration so it is helpful for students and learner.  It is said -a pregnant women who wear the emerald doesn't have to endure long hours of labour paiband has a smooth and hassle free delivery.  Emerald is symbol of prosperity , in the field of business panna consider as auspicious gemstone , it is the belief of people to gain profit and to touch the height of success one should wear the panna emerald.