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Manik beads string 6mm Ruby beads string

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Manik stone beads string


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Stone manik Ruby 

Composition heated 

Size 6mm

Quantity one string 

Total bead 55

Carrot 250 

Original manik beads  string for jewellery 

Ruby manik benefits -  fire and blood are the essential elements of Ruby this is king of gemstone and represent the sun and is known to impart good health , power , mental strength and luxury.

Throughout history, rubies were worn and adored by kings and royalty. They were a sign of authority and luxury. Today it is believed that the wearer of a ruby can obtain a certain level of luxury. Rubies are associated with love, passion, and are believed to be able to help timid people open up. They can also help with one’s balance. Individuals experiencing depression and insecurity find solace in the ancient red gem. It can also help with self-awareness and in discovering one’s true destiny and calling. This stone is highly recommended for those who constantly suffer from bad health , if you are suffering from ailments related to stomach and have indigestion problem , skin problems wear this stone to resolve these complications , it detoxifies the blood and body . 

This stone is related to Manipur chakra which is navel of the body , wearing this stone helps to unlock this chakra , it promotes leadership and helps fight depression.