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Citrine stone ball 40mm natural citrine sphere ball

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Natural citrine ball


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Stone citrine

Composition natural

Shape round ball

Size 40mm

Colour yellow

Natural citrine stone ball 40mm

CITRINE STONE BALL BENEFITS  it is called good luck tree as it is attract wealth and prosperity , citrine contain the solar quality of energy that's why it is considered a good healing crystal for the solar plexus third chakra issue. And a positive vibrant flow of energy in an around one's body . It is also considered helpful in improving digestion and strengthening ones physical endurance. So we can say citrine is a beautiful and powerful stone with lot of recharging and reviving energy , if you wear (as jewellery )it cleans your body , if you keep it at home and office(as tree , Pyramid, Ball, cluster ) it comfort the area where there is tension or blockage and relief it with abundant positivity and energy , it is stone that attracts good fortune and good luck  Healing properties of citrine - citrine is powerhouse of positive energy, it enhances your strengths and stamina , zeal and courage, it extremely beneficial for chronic fatigue syndrome, work for metabolism balance , stimulate digestion, and very effective in eliminating infection of kidney and bladder, it keeps the hair , skin and nails healthy , and keeps your mood happy and reliving agent from thr irritation.and mental sickness  Origins - most of the genuine citrine comes from USA , Russia and Brazil.