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Blue agate mala natural Blue hakik mala 8mm beads 108

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Natural Blue agate mala


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stone - Blue agate original     

Origin -south Africa 

Beads -108+1 

Bead size -8mm 

BLUE AGATE MALA BENEFITS  it is very useful in pleasing planet Saturn ( Shani dev ) and Rahu.

It is used for chanting mantras of shani or during their malefic position in our birth chart.

Blue agate is a very calming and relaxing healing stone and reduce negative energies and thought.blue agate is a great nurturing and supporting stone , neutralizing anger , infection and inflammation.you are struggling to express yourself, or perhaps you struggle with social anxiety, then working with Blue Agate is an amazing way to overcome those issues. If you are struggling with bringing balance to your Throat Chakra, then Blue Agate is one of the best crystals to stimulate and balance it.  

You can wear it for removing bad effect of shani and rahu.

It helps to fight fear and make the person calm.

Note - all our spiritual products are activated and energized with mantras and pooja before sending to you