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Attar ratrani night queen atar Ratrani itra perfume 10 ml roll on brand seema govind

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Very nice fragrance attar


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Attar - night queen ratrani 

Quality pure no alcohol 

Quantity 10ml 

Packing glass bottle roll on 

 The effect of Night queen attar is very pleasant, long lasting and relaxing. Some people strongly believe that the fragrance make them have good sleep.this attar is prepared from night queen flowers ( ratrani ) which are most of versatile flower and lovely fragrance and give good and frash feeling  Ratrani also called as "The Queen of Night". It is a night-blooming flower with a strong, sweet scent which means his smells automatically increases at night. Ratrani is probably the most powerfully scented flowers in the world. It can be used as pooja purpose or self consumption both.