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Amethyst stone water bottle

Product Code : Amethyst water bottle


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Stone - natural amethyst 

Stone size -3.5 inches 

Bottle capacity -550ml 

Benefits - 

Amethyst stone benefits and how to use - amethyst is a natural tranquilizer and called anti depression stone . Amethyst carries a calming and serence energy that will help you unwind and relax , it sooth the body , reducing anxiety , stress and strain.  It relates to the crown chakra so it balance to mood swings and relief in sadness and grief. Amethyst bring balance to the endocrine system , which is the system of the body that is responsible for making hormones, so it works on hormonal issues. Some study saye it balance metabolism system which burn fat and work for weight loss. How to use -  can wear amethyst jewellery ( necklace , bracelet , pendant , ring ) face massage roller reduce anxiety, stress , and give calmness. Carray a tumble of amethyst stone in your pocket to acclimate your body to the energy the  amethyst, it detoxifies the body . Amethyst can also effective for students , you can place some tumble , ball or Pyramid on study table  it helps students to concentrate.. Keep at home and in office  amethyst stone tree , ,ball , Pyramid , cluster for good and positive mood