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Dakshinavarti shankh dakshinavarti shell 5 inches white conch

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Original dakshina varti shankh


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Shankh type - dakshinavarti Pooja shankh

Size -5 nches 

Colour -white 

WHAT IS DAKSHINAVARTI SHANKH CONCH AND ITS IMPORTANCE - dakshinavarti shankh is open on the right side and has a closed mouth and it is only worshipped and does not emit any sound so that is called Pooja shankh . It is a symbolise goddess laxmi and Vishnu . Worshipping this shankh makes a person life rich and wealthy. It is also believed that if you fill water in this shankh and keep it at home, your home will always have a peaceful atmosphere .if one sprinkle water from this conch on any person or object get free from any negative or tantric spell . Keeping dakshinavarti shankh is an office will bring success to your business.

Dakshinavarti shankh shell will be established on Thursday , the open end of dakshinavarti shankh should be facing on the sky worshipped with kukukum , rice , moli thread and offer flowers.

Note - all our spiritual products are activated and energized with mantras and pooja before sending to you.