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Copper parsi lota copper long neck lota

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Pure copper lota


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Material pure copper

Style long neck parsi lota 

Size -5.5 inches height

Capacity 300ml 

We made with love ethically in india - we are proud of our manufacturing processes because we want to enhance great ancient Indian culture .the artisans who make our products are skilled and meticulous.

Care - copper/ brass / bronze products get oxidize or loosess their shine with time so proper cleaning and maintenance is required for their long life and shine 

We assure 100% guarantee of purity 

Copper  Benefits,  In Copper Vessels,store water in it overnight and drink it on empty stomach for numerous health and therapeutic benefits? Welcome to the world of copper bottles, the latest health rage and insights into why you should invest in copper bottles and the role of this important metal/trace mineral in our daily wellbeing.. Historians believe that the copper has been in use for over 11,000 years and it is often referred as copper age or chalcolithic  In India, copper is the first choice in religious rituals for storing holy water and other purposes like cooking. Known as Tamiram in Tamil, Raagi in Telugu, Taamba in Hindi, Tamra in Kannada there is no exaggeration in saying that all Indian households would possess at least one copper vessel or a glass. Thanks to growing awareness on traditional methods of cooking and eating, copper bottomed utensils too made a comeback into our kitchens in the recent years. Interestingly, our bodies too possess a little amount of copper in the form of a trace mineral at around 1.4 to 2.1mg and the deficiency of copper can lead to various chronic conditions. Eating food in Copper plate The Role Of Copper In Cleansing Water: Our ancient medicine Ayurveda strongly recommends drinking water stored in copper vessels daily for boosting immune system and for balancing all the three doshas – vata, kapha and pitta. Ayurvedic practitioners refer water stored in copper vessels as ‘Tamra Jal’ and this copperized liquid serves as a natural oxidant. In addition, copper comes with significant amounts of antimicrobial properties making it ideal for eliminating disease causing bacteria, fungi and viruses. When water gets stored for up to 8 hours in a copper bottle or a vessel, it undergoes oligodynamic effect, which means it gains the ability to kill several infection causing microbes, fungi besides maintaining the natural PH levels. Based on studies that certain 355 copper alloys can kill 99.9% disease causing bacteria within just 2 hours of regular cleaning, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved the usage of copper coated door knobs, bedrails, handrails, sinks, faucets, toilet hardware, etc in hospitals to arrest and reduce the transfer of contagious diseases like cold, cough, influenza and contamination. Besides killing highly resistant bacteria, fungus and virus copper water is a treasure trove of medicinal properties that can play a pivotal role in maintaining the overall health.